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pura-165x300Pura Sunless System by Pura Sunless®

Bella Tan offers the Pura Sunless® UV-FREE spray tan system. The Pura Sunless System is quickly becoming America’s favorite spray tanning system.This advanced spray booth offers amazing results and coverage! If you want the deepest, most natural looking tan possible then the Pura is the right choice for a long-lasting, INSTANT tan!


  • Trinity Mist: Three spray heads positioned so that the spray from each nozzle does not collide with the other sprays, delivering solution evenly to the skin.
  • Prep Spray: Every spray tan includes a prep spray that deeply extends the life of your spray tan
  • Heated Air: The Pura heated air handling system ensures the heat stays with you through the dry process.
  • Four Minute Tan: Front and back prep, front and back spray… and done! Simple, fast, effective! 
  • Smart Diagnostics: The pressure levels of the nozzles and the solutions are monitored electronically to ensure the machine and all the nozzles are functioning at peak performance
  • New Pura Solutions:  Shower in 4-6 hours! Scented solutions with rich, consistent results every time!